May 07, 2014 07:20 PM EDT

Britney Spears Sued By Dancer: Backup Dancer Dawn Noel Claims Her Nose Was Broken By The Famous Pop Star


Britney Spears has been reported recently being sued by her own backup dancer who claimed that she broke her nose during a music video rehearsal shoot last year, and that the pop star promised to pay for her medical and doctor bills but failed to do so. The dancer, Dawn Noel detailed the events on her lawsuit that was filed on Monday, based on reports acquired by E! News.

The lawsuit filed by Dawn Noel depicts the incident stating that she and the other dancers was rehearsing their dance moves at a Woodland Hills studio on Aug. 19 last year. They were working on their routine for hours for the upcoming music video shoot, when Britney Spears arrived at the location to join them. The case document which was obtained by E! News also states that the star of the Las Vegas show "A Piece of Me" appeared at the studio "in a disheveled and confused state", she was also described to had some difficulty doing the simple dance routines.

The lawsuit involves battery and negligence accusations against Britney Spears who was detailed to have lost her balance and twirled with both her arms extended, hitting the backup dancer Dawn Noel in the face during a dance routine she was trying to accomplish. The filed case also said that upon hearing a loud cracking noise in the rehearsal studio, Britney Spears just said "I'm sorry" to the backup dancer.

After half an hour after the incident, Dawn Noel indicated on the lawsuit that she went straight to the doctor and discovered that she needs to have a surgery in order to repair a bone fracture on her nose. The pop singer's camp promised to pay off the medical bills incurred by the backup singer during her treatment and surgery, but months has passed and no payments were made by the accused.

The legal representative for Dawn Noel, Attorney Sark Ohanian gave a statement that the backup dancer has been very patient and that he doesn't know why the accused won't do the right thing. He also added that the injury inflicted to his client affected her professional life because it has caused her issues with her sinus and breathing, noting that there are no available dancer's union that can give her insurance for this type of job. Lastly, the attorney also added that Dawn Noel doesn't look for getting rich off this lawsuit.

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