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#TGIT 'Grey's Anatomy' Lead Star Ellen Pompeo Sizzles In Her Entertainment Weekly Cover; Read Fans' Reaction On Her Risque Pose!

 #TGIT "Grey's Anatomy" is nearly here! Lead star Ellen Pompeo channels Meredith Grey and sizzled in her Entertainment Weekly cover to which fans reacted to with her risque pose.

On the "Grey's Anatomy" official Twitter page, a photo of Ellen Pompeo was featured with a mysterious smile on her face and wearing nothing in beneath her white doctor's coat — that gives little to the imagination. The actress' only accessory was the stethoscope around her neck and red shining stiletto. The picture literally screamed #TGIT "Grey's Anatomy."

Fans’ reaction to Ellen Pompeo’s EW cover were varied. Some were delighted and enthusiastic about the return of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 12 and are preparing for their very own #TGIT routine while others thought her nearly naked shot wasn’t necessary to promote the show. Read several fans’ reaction on her sexy pose.

In the ABC TV series’ official Facebook page, fans praised Ellen Pompeo’s #TGIT “Grey’s Anatomy” EW cover. One woman wrote that she loved the cover and “Grey’s Anatomy." Another commented the risque pose was “awesome” and that Ellen looked absolutely “amazing,” and continued, “I don't understand why everyone is flipping out Greys has always been about steamy and sexual stuff that's the allure.... And this cover says a lot about the upcoming season! I'm excited!”

One fan even defended her cover by saying, “Grey's Anatomy has always been sexualized, so why complain about Ellen Pompeo being naked on a magazine.” She has a good and valid point. To add on, one #TGIT follower, “Has no one watched the show?! it's 75% sex in the on call rooms and 25% medical drama. So why wouldn't she be posed like this? Lighten up. And it's Grey's Anatomy, not Shepherd's Anatomy. Get over the McDreamy thing already... ”

Wonder why they collectively reacted like this? It’s because apparently some followers of Shonda Rhimes’ hit medical drama were quite not over the fact that McDreamy’s no longer in the show thus no more Team MerDer. Here’s some of their reaction.

“Poor Ellen. She looks amazing but who cares! She has to pose almost nude to try and get ratings back because showhatever rhymes killed off mcdreamy.”

“Sorry you degraded yourself in this cover , Ellen P.”

“I don't understand why she's naked. How is that promoting “Grey's Anatomy?” Also, I'm skeptical about watching after they killed off McDreamy.”

In related news, TV Guide reported that Calzona shippers will have to stay glued on the show to find out if they are going to reconcile since Callie will try to get involved into a new relationship, of course, Arizona would have a say about that.

Debbie Allen, show’s executive producer related that for two people who have a committed and tumultuous relationship who finally go on separate ways just like Callie and Arizona’s, “there’s still love there. Even though you've moved on, you're always going to go, 'Well, who is she with? And what is that?'”

 #TGIT Grey’s Anatomy comes to you on Sept. 24, Thursday on ABC.

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