Feb 05, 2016 08:19 PM EST

Interview Questions That Will Help the Job Applicant And The Interviewer

There are two ways in which you can view this article: as a job applicant or as the company interviewer. Either way, if you consider the tips discussed herein, you will walk away from the interview feeling you have effectively accomplished your task.

Following are some of the questions that you have to be prepared to answer or be prepared to ask in a job interview.

1. Why should I hire you?

This is often asked during the interview, and yet many job applicants are not able to hurdle the question effectively. As a job applicant, be prepared to answer it as honestly as you could, considering the education, skills, experience and whatever it is that you can offer which will show the interviewer that you are perfectly fit for the job.

To the interviewer, this will give you an idea of the person's estimate of himself, whether it is reasonable or way over board.

2. What is your greatest achievement in your previous work?

If you're an interviewer, the answer of the job applicant will tell you about his values as an individual and what he considers important. But if you are the job seeker, you must search your work history and cull out the best moments or events of your work life, emphasizing right values and principles.

3. How can you contribute to the progress of this company?

You can prepare for this question by doing some basic research of the company. Learn about its products or services, its corporate mission and so forth. And then formulate your answers based on your previous experiences.

To the interviewer, this is a question that will show you if the job applicant has got what it takes. If his answer is organized, direct and straightforward, you know he has done something to prepare himself before your talk. But if he stumbles and wander in his answers, you know the reverse is true.

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