Feb 12, 2016 11:50 PM EST

Job Hiring Strategies That Hook Good Job Candidates

Just because a company advertises its job openings in the papers or on the internet does not mean that it will get the right applicants for the job. If the company does not think much about its job hiring strategies, its advertisements will attract only those job seekers who are not really fitted for the job.

It is therefore important for a company to search for the most effective job hiring strategies if it wants its organization to be comprised of people who can help it achieve its business goals.

There are several factors that determine an effective job hiring strategy.

1. Correct Job Postings

A company must devise relevant and attractive job postings to entice its target job applicants. This job posting must be carefully crafted to eliminate ambiguity and also attractive enough to lure the best job seekers. Specificity is very important in catching the attention of target applicants.

2. Use Social Media

Almost everyone today, especially those of the working-age group, are social media network users. The rumor is that 66 percent of companies hire through Facebook, another 54 percent uses Twitter, and about 93 percent goes to LinkedIn to get job candidates.

Using social media networks is less costly, and the same results are produced. Therefore, more and more companies are using this modern venue to fill up their vacant positions.

3. Improve Brand Image

The most important job hiring strategy for a company that wants to attract the best job candidates is to look at itself first.

Is the company attractive enough for it to be considered by the best job candidates? If it is not, then the company must devise measures that will make its image attractive to the public.

This could be done in many ways. One way of improving its public image is to embark on activities that will benefit society. Another way is to improve the quality of its product or services. A third way is to upgrade its salary scale and employee benefits.

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