Feb 13, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Employment Certificate: Why Is It That Important?

An employment certificate is an essential tool for an employee because it indicates his standing with the company he is connected with. It also reveals how the company estimates the value of the employee vis-à-vis the company's objectives.

Thus, it is important that the employment certificate must be worded in a manner where the objective assessment of the employee's contribution to the company is clearly and succinctly stated.

There are many reasons why an employee will need an employment certificate. Some are valid, some are not and some are for personal while some are for business purposes.

An example of a personal use is when the employee is seeking another employment. Prospective employers usually require employment certificates from a job applicant sourced from his previous employers to determine if the job experiences he listed on his resume are true or not.

He may also need to present an employment certificate to a bank if he is applying for a loan or an appliance store if he is getting an appliance installment plan.

That is why the proper composition of an employment certificate is really important. The certificate must be worded informal language. If this certificate is carelessly worded, the assessor of whatever business the employee is negotiating with will not have a positive image of the employee.

What are the essential things that must be included in an employment certificate?

  • The description of the employee's job positions and performance in detail.
  • The inclusive dates wherein he held these positions and the actual date of his departure.
  • An accurate assessment of his performance and behavior must be included if the employee has resigned or been terminated,

Care must be observed by the company not to issue statements that are untrue just to please the whims of the employee. The employee certificate bears the name and logo of the company so due diligence must be observed.

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