Feb 23, 2016 09:23 AM EST

Job Interviews Gone Bad, Here's Why

By R S Ali

In this article are a few things on Reed.co.uk that could be the reason your interviews are not going so well, despite you being qualified for the job.

A lot of us will worry about all the things that have to be perfect in an interview but forget to list the pitfalls in our head so we can avoid them. Pitfalls can cause embarrassment and awkwardness, and the absence of those is, at the end, what a good interview can come down to.

1. Did you forget to put your phone in Silent mode?

Texting during class is a huge no-no, and so is using your phone during an interview. Don't forget to at least put it on silent mode. Also, avoid embarrassing ring tones even if you do for some reason have to leave it on. 

2. Did you complain about your previous employers?

Even if you are coming from an awful workplace before this one, now is not the time to talk all about your dictator of a boss or your gossiping colleagues. Look and sound professional - and like a mature adult, not a whiner.

3. Were you too informal?

True, the world has changed a lot since you had to wear a tie to your interview, or had to wear polished shoes with laces. Casual is okay, but looking professional is definitely better. Don't be too friendly with recruiters, it only speaks of unprofessionalism.

4. Did you apologize too much?

Yes, if you called your interviewer Dad by accident, you should definitely apologize. Or if you spilled the coffee on the shiny conference room table. But don't apologize for your lack of experience, or for your personal qualities. It takes away from your confidence.

5. Are you reaching late?

You might think that being qualified, sincere, polite and hardworking is all it takes to get a job, but potential employers also need to know they an rely on you, and that you are professional.

Plan in advance. Reach half an hour early. Looking over-eager may not be great in general, but it is definitely preferable to coming late.

6. Were you over-confident?

Sometimes, thinking we have all the skills for the job makes us overconfident without even realizing it. No one likes a braggart. Be humble and down to earth, and your skills and qualification will shine through. This will make you likable.

7. Did you lie?

Everyone knows this one, yet it is amazing how many people still manage to fall into this trap. Bottom line: lying is a bad idea. White lies and exaggeration should be kept to a bare minimum, and be ready to have your bluff called, like being asked to speak a language you claimed you could.

8. Were you talking too much?

Yes, you have to make a good impression, and that requires more than just looking pretty. But knowing when to talk is as important a skill as any. Listening is just as important, if not more, than talking well.

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