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How You Can Do Job Searches Without Your Boss Knowing

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So, you're no longer satisfied with your job and are thinking of getting another job which is more to your liking and one that has a bigger pay. But what will you do if all day, you are required to be at your desk in the office?

Of course, you can take days off, but how many days in a week will you need to be out there searching for a new job? Your boss will surely notice your absence if you're not on your desk more frequently.

Well, don't worry. There are effective ways you can search for another job and your boss will not notice that you're doing it. Just keep on reading and you will learn the secrets.

1. Don't make abrupt changes in your work manners

It is very easy to lose focus on the job at hand if your mind is travelling somewhere else. Your work performance will be affected and your co-workers and your boss will surely notice it. Do your work like it is business as usual.

2. Don't share too much information with your co-workers

Until you have landed the job that you are aiming for, it will be unwise for you to share any information about your job search to any of your co-employees. You can certainly share it with your family for needed advice, but not even those whom you consider as close allies in the office. If you do, the word will eventually leak out and reach the ears of your boss.

3. If possible, schedule your job interviews after office hours

This is quite tricky especially if your current office operates from Monday to Saturday. In that case you have no other recourse but to ask for a day off if your interview is set on a weekday. But there is no harm in asking your prospective employer for a job interview after office hours.

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