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Before Writing A Resume, Get A Grip Of These Things First

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Since you just graduated from college, it might seem daunting to write a resume. Even with some template to follow, you are still unsure of what you need to include.

Your first resume is an essential step to a promising career. That is why you need to plan the things that you will include in it. There are certain items that you really need to put in and other things which you may think important could be better left out.

"You must sell the employer within 15 seconds of looking at your resume, or you'll lose the job," wrote Robin Ryan in his book "Winning Resume."

With that in mind, here are the things that you need to consider before writing your first resume.

1. Basic Personal Information

This is the most basic information you need to include. All things that pertain to your identity such as name, birthdate, address, phone number and so forth are of primary importance.

Your educational attainment, awards given at school and extra-curricular activities, seminars attended and so forth, that will enhance your image as an effective employee should not be left out.

2. Your Primary Career Objective

Think about where you are good and couple it with your education, then craft the best primary career goal you can think of.

3. Brainstorm

Now that you have written your career goal, it is time for you to put muscles into the bones. Think deeply about your talents, interests and the skills that you have developed all these years, and then put them in perspective and in the right relation to the career objective that you are aiming for.

4. Write your first resume

Now you have the essential things to include in your resume. The main thing you have to do now is to search the internet for the most modern way of putting them into resume form. Choose the most attention-getting format and you'll be able to prove that what Robin Ryan wrote in his book is really true.

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