Mar 03, 2016 10:58 AM EST

South Carolina Teacher Resigns Over Stolen Nude Picture On Social Media

Due to the intentional exposure of her nude photo on social media, a teacher in South Carolina was recently forced out of her job.

Without her knowledge, an unidentified student tampered with her cellphone that she left on her desk, stole her nude photo and posted it on a social media account for all the world to see. Leigh Anne Arthur, the teacher, was then penalized by her school district bosses in Union County by asking her to resign her post.

She took her nude photo for her husband, but it was later seen by people who she does not even know.

David Eubanks, Union County School District interim superintendent, said that Arthur, a teacher with 13 years of teaching experience, was at fault since she left her phone unlocked on her desk which then attracted the eyes and curiosity of her students leading one of them to do what he shouldn't do.

The student stole her nude picture on Monday, and she was out of work the next day. Her picture was stolen while she was on patrol of the school hall. Arthur said that instead of the school reprimanding the student, she was the one penalized by being expelled from her teaching position.

The beleaguered teacher maintains that it is the student who should be held responsible. She said that this student is already old enough to know right from wrong.

"He had the ultimate decision to take pictures of my pictures and he had the ultimate decision to send them out," said Arthur. "He had to hit my apps button and to open up all my apps and then open my gallery," she added.

The student is not out of the hook yet. According to Eubanks, the Office of the Union County Sheriff is currently investigating the matter and will decide if the student will be charged with the misdemeanor.

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