Mar 03, 2016 12:50 PM EST

3 Things You Can Do With An Education Degree Apart From Teaching

By R S Ali

Education has always been, and will always be, a market in demand. Teachers of all sorts are always needed, and frequently earn a lot, contrary to popular belief. However, narrowing the idea of A 'teacher' to just one profession is ignorance. As someone who has specialized in education, there are a variety of things you could be doing.

Prospects says that the skills learned during the acquisition of a degree in education can prepare you for a wide range of activities, ranging from teaching children to older people - and you don't always even have to teach classes if that is something you don't want.

You could be:

1. A speech and language therapist

If you like speech therapy, this might be a feasible, rewarding career for you. You can expect to work closely with babies, children and adults who have various degrees of speech, language and communication problems. This can also extend to those who have problems swallowing, drinking or eating.

This job can include you working with a diverse group of people, including those with physical and learning disabilities.

You might be working along other health professionals like doctors, nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists.

2. A career advisor

If you like helping people realize their ambitions, this is the job for you. A career advisor provides information and advice about choices of education, training and work. You will probably be dealing with a range of people, from children to adults who are looking for a career change or need further training. You might also advise with CVs and job searching.

4. A community education officer

This is a very separate branch of teaching. In it, you could be working within communities to promote and organize adult or family education or training opportunities. You can expect this job to take the form of non-traditional skills teaching like literacy, numeracy, life skills or practical skills like budgeting, cooking or learning how to use a computer. You might be teaching or training in places like community centers, libraries or even within churches.

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