Feb 26, 2016 12:20 PM EST

Jobs For People Who Love To Keep Things Clean

By R S Ali

If you hate the sight of mess, or a clean place makes you feel like all is right in the world, know that you are not alone. Wanting perfection or being really good at organization are traits that could be really useful in choosing your career path. Here are some options to consider according to Reed.co.uk.

1.Manage a restaurant

A restaurant is huge with various possibilities for disaster and chaos and operations can go wrong. If you're good with lists and planning and keeping things neat and tidy, this is the job for you.

You will have to deal with customers and staff, and make sure every cog of the machine is well-oiled. The restaurant needs to run smoothly, and that will be your job.

A restaurant, from your own experience as a customer, needs to be clean and aesthetically-good looking to be well patronized. Things going without a glitch and run like a machine are exactly what is expected of a job position like this one.

You can expect to manage the kitchen (the staff, equipment and health and safety), customers and be in charge of communication between staff and customers alike.

2. Train to become a PA (Personal Assistant) or similar kind of Assistant

A PA has to take care of her manager/team's schedule and be in charge of the tiny details that make sure everyt provision is met and that schedules are met. You could be the one without whom nothing could be managed.

You can expect to basically do all the detail-oriented things a manager/team needs from you, from booking, communicating, convincing and persuading, smoothing out, and taking care of travel arrangements and meetings and events.

Don't be scared after watching The Devil Wears Prada (2006) and poor frazzled Anne: not all bosses are devils, or even dictators. If you love the work your company does, things should be easy for you.

3. Study to be an architect

As a planner of buildings, you can expect that clarity and precision will be expected of you. You need to be neat and organized, both physically and otherwise. This will also incorporate your creativity, and mathematical skills.

You can expect to design and plan structures and organize contractors/construction teams. You will very likely be working with clients and will have deadlines.

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