Feb 25, 2016 08:47 AM EST

How To Build And Manage An Online Presence To Get A Job

By R S Ali

With the rise, advent and role of social media these days, using social media to your advantage is not only smart, it may actually be a necessity for a job search.

How people see you online should be your top priority when you are searching for a job, or kick-starting your career.

Having a solid online presence and a diverse range of influential contacts in our network might very well be what lands you a great job, if all the word on the Internet, like on Prospects, about job hunting and social media is to be believed.

Do not underestimate the power of a strategic tweet or a Facebook post or a good LinkedIn profile when it comes to getting - and keeping - a job.

Hitesh Nathu, recruitment manager at Topps Tiles agrees. "Job hunting has evolved, the old method of speaking to a careers adviser is no longer the only option,' he says. 'You really need to sell yourself on social media, especially as employers are more online savvy than ever before.'

1. Build an online presence.

These days recruiters may very well look for potential employees online. Maddie Smith, careers consultant at the London School of Economics estimates that over 90% of employers use online tools as recruitment tools, so graduates searching for a job better use it.

Thanks to the accessibility of the Internet, maintaining an online presence is quick, easy to use and even free in many cases.

Start with LinkedIn and Twitter. Remember to have a clear biography and a similarly clear and professional username and profile picture. This will help make you more searchable to recruiters. Don't forget to add your location and what type of job role you're looking for.

Link to other platforms like blogs or YouTube channels. This is a great way to show your dedication and skills.

2. Focus on building an online network around influential, successful contacts.

According to recommendations of LinkedIn, you should have at least 50 connections. Choose the right people and companies in your relevant industry. Know who the important people are. Also join as many groups as possible and start networking with other users. This will help you make like-minded, if not influential, connections. At some point you can also try to get recommendations, which is always important in the job search process. Get in touch with former colleagues, acquaintances and employers.

3. Don't forget to manage your online reputation.

If you love random rambling conversations between friends and silly pictures, you had best separate your personal and professional profile. Keep your personal profile private, but keep in mind that the Internet is never as private as you think so playing safe is always recommended.

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