Mar 17, 2016 10:46 AM EDT

Microsoft Integrating Windows 10 with Xbox One Together

This summer, Microsoft is shifting towards merging Windows 10 with Xbox One, taking the PC's Universal Windows Platform to the gaming industry.

Microsoft announced at the Game Developers Conference that Windows Store will be integrated to Xbox Store, most likely Windows 10 universal apps will be provided to gamers of Xbox One, to where gamers will enable them to log in their email through the Mail app when in game entry or while loading a game with their Xbox One console.

Although some skeptics believe it would be a risk to implement more top tier titles of Windows 10 PC store onto a game console, where no gamer wouldn't want to see all the Windows 10's unnecessary apps pollute the Xbox Store such as Twitter, Hill Climb Racing or Spider Solitaire.

It's safe to say that Microsoft's Xbox team already considered a future of integrating Xbox One and Windows 10 together back in January 2015, that meant to reconditioned the Xbox One's interface to meet the needs with Windows 10, allowing gamers to experience the console in game playing such as Quantum Break.

This week Microsoft will introduce a cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 starting with the game Rocket League.

The most controversial source being in play has to be the Universal Windows Platform or UWP, where Windows has always been familiarized with utility apps that goes with Windows 10 OS vessel such as Calendar and People apps.

Today, Microsoft is beginning to bring their original written games as UWP apps for Xbox One console through Windows Store. Which will reinforce the contribution in the Windows Store, but will undoubtedly give concerns to gamers that UWP apps might replace the traditional modifiable Win32 games.

However Microsoft assured to make UWP apps modifiable that might result in rippling through games and apps alike such as Edge.

In the end, Microsoft's Windows Store and Xbox Store will merge, allowing gamers to adapt a new game play without presumption to whether it came from either Xbox One or Windows 10.

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