Mar 22, 2016 09:56 AM EDT

Manager, Job Applicant Overcome Thief At Restaurant

A fast food manager in New Orleans was busy interviewing a job applicant when a thief suddenly grabbed cash from the counter. The manager got up and blocked the door while his interviewee wrestled the arms of the robber.

As a result, Devin Washington, the 18 year old job applicant, got the thief and the job as well. The fast food restaurant is the Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken located in eastern New Orleans.

Danyanna Metoyer, the manager of the restaurant, stated that the thief requested the cashier to change one dollar "and just reached over the counter and stuck his hand in the change drawer." The incident happened last Saturday afternoon.

In a news release, the police said that it was Dominique Griffin, the assistant manager, who first grabbed the robber's arms, but the crook got away and immediately headed for the door.

But the restaurant manager Metoyer stood up and blocked the door. "My upper-body strength was stronger than his," she said the day after. "We hadn't made hardly any money," she continued.

"He wasn't going to take the $300 to $400 we probably had made. We needed our money," Metoyer added.

It was then that Washington, the job applicant helped to overcome the scoundrel. "I got up and bent his arm back," he said. He never even bothered to look if the man had a gun or not but just got up oblivious of the danger.

Another report suggested that it was Washington's hands-on experience that helped him bring up the courage to tackle the robber. He and the restaurant cook held the 50-year old thief, Pablo Ciscart until the police arrived.

The manager has been thinking of hiring Washington and the incident just sealed the deal. Washington is now happily working with Popeyes. With his addition to its staff, the restaurant feels safer than before.

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