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Career Fair Tips: How To Successfully Interact With Potential Employers

Career fairs can be the most opportuned environment when you're looking for a job. However, career fairs are a chaotic environment for both the searcher and the searchee. You may picture it as a square area with booths already stationed for people to line up orderly in front of. That's not the case most of the time, especially in a limited time frame. Uloop explains that it is essential to make the most out of career or job fairs but there are a lot of things you may forget about.

In order to stand out, USA Today has created a list for you to remember to make a good impression. In order for you to make that impression, you have to be remembered. And in order to be remembered, you need to sell yourself.

Here are tips for you to successfully interact with potential employers.

1. It all starts with preparation - Research and Resume. Research the companies you want to talk to. Most of the time, career fairs already list the company names ahead of schedule. So, you should have ample time to prepare. Find the job that relates to your skills and major. Also, prepare several copies of your resume. Companies admire organization.

2. Already prepare a list of questions - Doing this ahead of time allows a thorough conversation with employers. Plus, it makes you look prepared. Make sure to list appropriate questions related to the company and the job you're looking for.

3. Use the elevator speech technique - This might sound cliche but it works. You may not have enough time to chat with your prospective employer. It's best to prepare a simple speech that introduces yourself. And, most importantly, sell yourself. Think of it as a personal commercial. List your important and special-most skills and why you're suitable for the position.

4. The right handshake and the right outfit - ... Makes the man and the woman. How you talk, is important. But how you dress and act is crucial. Uloop explains that what you wear is significant. Wear an ironed shirt, coat/tie for men and a tailored dress/suit for women. Steer away from sweatpants and t-shirts.

5. Communication is the key - The way you communicate is a notable observation for great impressions. Always be professional and courteous. Also, take notes - it's essential to remember names, phone numbers or anything important.

6. Lastly, follow pointers from recruiters - Career fairs would have events, talks and workshops scheduled. Try to attend the job fair during the earlier part of the event. Try to join in and listen to recruiters.

Remember, successfully approaching employers at a career fair may be harder than you thought. But if you come prepared, it's an easy hill to climb.

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