Mar 29, 2016 11:41 AM EDT

You Need A Whole New Career: 2 Big Signs That Says You Don’t Just Need A New Job

Are you currently slumped over your desk? When you wake up in the morning, does the very thought of working makes your stomach hurt or head ache? How about when you try to psyche up for your next presentation, you suddenly start to daydream about taking the day off and hitting the beach?

Maybe it's time for a change or maybe, according to Forbes, it's time for an entirely new career.

However, you may be thinking that changing jobs seems like a big deal. It is. And changing careers is a hundred times as much a big deal. Which is why The Muse has listed two signs that says you don't just need a new job, you need an entirely whole new career.

Here are two tell-tale signs that says it's time to leave:

1. You're frustrated at work but thinking about a new job fills you with dread, fatigue and boredom:

Daydreaming of a new job sounds like a good idea because you're thinking of the new work culture, a probable pay raise and a different set of people you'd work with. However, the thought of doing more than what you're doing is dragging you down. If you think about getting a new job and the idea of doing more of the same in terms of work is draining you, then you might be in the wrong field.

Right now, think about the critical pain points in your job. Is it the environment? Is it the commute? Is it the people? Is it your boss? Or is it the work?

Imagine getting a promotion which means you'd be doing the work your manager is doing. It sounds good because it's a great opportunity with a huge pay-raise but the thought of doing work ten times as much gives you a migraine. Moving to a different company and doing the same thing doesn't make you satisfied either. If that's the case, then it's time to get out and consider a different type of work.

2. You no longer have a plan for yourself:

When you first got the job, you probably had a five year plan. If you were asked a five year plan right now, is your answer: "Definitely, not doing this"?

Think for a second and check your training and degree. You took a nursing degree for a reason. Rough hours at the hospital are part of the deal and it may be the same route in the next few years. Down the road, does it look brighter for you in five years? Are you excited about the potential opportunities?

Or, do you feel like you have no plan, and the thought of having more responsibility or experience makes you want to run and hide?

If you answered yes to the last question then it's time to move on. It's ok to change fields. You just need to plan strategically and map out your future. There's an opportunity out there for you as long as you watch for the signs.

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