Apr 07, 2016 02:36 AM EDT

Stay Fit At Work! Exercises For The Workplace

By R S Ali

A lot of us sit in offices under fluorescent lights all day, and that is a whole other kind of exhaustion. Not getting any physical activity in is another problem. But where are you supposed to find the time, not to mention the energy, to invest in your fitness during hectic work schedules? Monster has some suggestions.

The solution is to fit fitness into your workday. If you wait for the weekend of national holidays or that unexpected day off, chances are you are never going to work out, and health problems will follow.

But fitness during work days - even at work - is not a pipe dream. It is possible; it can be done, and here is how.

They call it a 9 to 5 job, but no one actually gets off work at 5. Staying in shape in circumstances like that is a challenge to say the least. But think a little outside the box and there are always ways you can use to come up with. You might look a little funny, but occasionally pushing the decorum of the workplace is a worthy price to pay to stay looking good and feeling better.

1. Start with the obvious

We've all heard these before: park your car at the last parking spot. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Go walk over to your co workers instead of using your phone and email so much.

If you are glued to your chair from the time you clock in to the time you leave, this will give you some much-needed circulation. But that is just a start.

Make no mistake: these do not take the place of intense workouts. But they are a start, and that is something. Doing even this consistently should make some difference.

2. Take 10 minute exercise breaks

Experts recommend 10 minutes of fitness time intervals spaced throughout the day. This is not more than a typical coffee break period. Climb the stairs a few times. You will be able to boost your metabolism without getting too sweaty.

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