Mar 01, 2016 09:29 AM EST

When Is It OK to Quit Your Job Without Another Lined Up

By R S Ali

They say you should never quit your job without another one in the pipeline, and they are right. But there are exceptions to this rule, and here they are.

A job should not affect your life more than it necessarily has to. If you are working extra jobs just so you can feel better about the bad one, or if you are miserable because of this job's toxic environment, it may be time to quit.

1. The negativity is making you sick

A job and a career is worth a lot of things. Getting physically or mentally sick is not one of those things, says US News Money The signs are all there for you to see. There's that doctor who is telling you that you are stressed out. You are sleep deprived and irritable and your friends and family can see it. You feel like you need to breathe or refuel or just get away. Believe you are not the only one in this situation. An October study by Harvard University and Stanford University researchers showed that stress at the workplace can actually take away up to nearly three years from your life. This is serious stuff, and definitely more important than not quitting without a safety net. 

2. Work is making you lose hope in humanity

Your boss is an extremely toxic human being, and now you are starting to wonder if maybe this is normal behavior, that maybe human beings are all terrible people. You cannot deliver quality work because his/her attitude keeps interfering into your personal feelings and sense of self worth. This is probably a very good sign that its time to quit, another job or not. If it's depressing you, it's not worth it. 

3. You are going to lose your job anyway, for sure

Sometimes it is better to leave on your own with dignity than being shown the door. Even if you have made the mistakes, accept them, acknowledge that you are human, learn from it and move on. Have some faith.  

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