Apr 09, 2016 01:00 AM EDT

Apple ‘Massively Revising Its Platforms’ Using iPhone SE?

Apple's plans for the iPhone SE may be greater than merely helping the company boost its sales. Apparently, the future of the iPhone

Computer World reported that Apple may have unknowingly revealed their future plans with the iPhone SE release. It was noted that the company's latest device would be a "compelling upgrade" for iPhone 5S users who don't want a larger model, Android users wanting to convert to the iOS ecosystem or for "value conscious buyers" looking for the right balance of power and price.

However, the iPhone SE may have an even more significant role in Apple's plans. The publication speculated that the company could be making it easier for people to upgrade to newer hardware in order to "create a receptive environment for a major platform transformation in 2017, when the A10 appears."

"This means any iPhone user who is paying attention should have upgraded to an A9-powered smartphone by the end of 2016, when Apple will doubtless raise its game with another superpowered chip, which I'll call the A9+," the website wrote. "Almost every iPhone by then should be able to manage the most modern technologies, including key OS elements such as Metal and Swift."

Computer World added that the iPhone SE's release isn't a "design revolution but a technological one." Apple is setting up the market for future innovation.

It was previously reported that the Apple iPhone SE specs will include the same A9 chip as with its 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6S counterparts. It is believed that the device can best any 2016 Android flagship handset in terms of performance at a lower cost.

The iPhone SE is also said to have a very impressive battery life. It lasted 10 hours while cycling through websites with uniform screen brightness. This is two hours longer than the results for the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 5S.

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