Apr 06, 2016 11:32 AM EDT

Most Calorie-Burning Jobs Of All Time

By R S Ali

We all have that New Year's resolution to lose weight. But sometimes, our jobs just do not allow it. Monster suggests a list of jobs that help you lose the most calories. 

Desk jobs have us sitting on our seats all day - and the demanding ones don't even leave us with any time to workout separately. Most jobs require you to take out extra time: evenings, weekends etc. But some jobs, as it turns out, are a complete workout on their own.

It may not be possible for you to shift your career, realistically. But it may be. And maybe you are selecting a career and want to factor fitness into your choice, so here goes.

These are the jobs that burn the most calories, with calorie count. Compare this to the calories that a desk job burns, which is 102.5 calories an hour. 
Note that these calories burnt are calculated based on a 145 pound person.

1. Waiter or Waitress
175 Calories per Hour 

Not only are you moving around the entire time, you are lifting trays with heavy things, pitchers and going around a busy kitchen. While this job does have your feet hurting from all day of moving around, it also means you don't need to workout separately.

This will especially hold for those wait staff who are responsible for doing the clean up after the restaurant closes, too.

Also, the best news is how less preparation you need to enter this career!

2. Construction Laborer
297 Calories per Hour

As a construction worker, you would be lifting very heavy things. When you're not moving around, you will be twisting and crouching and bending, all excellent moves for fitness.

The wide range of employees that comes into this is also great news for anyone in the business: roofers, painters, electricians, plumbers, masons, landscapers etc.

Personal trainers claim that these workers can get away with more without worrying about their figure.

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