Mar 15, 2016 06:59 AM EDT

Things You Should NOT Do When You're New At The Job

By R S Ali

If you think landing the job was the end of your worries, you might want to hold off a little while longer. The first few weeks in a new job are very much like the first few days after a surgery: they are critical to the rest of your life.

First impressions may not be everything like the adage suggests, but they are definitely very important. You want to come in blazing so that by the time things get down to normal, you have left a pretty good impression already.

Here are three things, courtesy of Monster, that you should be careful about when you have just started at a new job - they might cost you your career.

1. Do not be the know it all.
Believe it or not, companies might actually set you up to fall into your own arrogance trap. If you're being treated like you're the best thing that happened to them, don't take the bait. Be gracious, smile and say thank you, but do not forget that you are there to learn. Listen more than you talk and do not insist on doing everything your way. Take the time to understand your surroundings and then go slow. Always go slow.

2. Hiding
This is the opposite of being a know-it-all - finding a cave and hiding in it. It may be a little intimidating to be the newbie, and it may be very tempting to just hunker down in the corner and be by yourself. It would certainly be less threatening. But it would also be less productive. Build relationships from the first day forward, and be confident without overdoing it. Take an initiative. Be proactive.

3. Ignoring how things are done
Most advertising and marketing executives answered in a survey that the greatest challenge for them at a new job was adjusting to the corporate culture. When you're new - everything is new: dress code, communication protocol, how friendly you can get with your boss...these are all questions you probably can not ask anyone. You have to figure them out slowly, and adjust to them. The balance between maintaining your own persona and being a part of the team is a delicate one. Take the time to tread it, and do not rush. Observation is key here: learn to watch people. Take cues.

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