Mar 04, 2016 12:14 PM EST

Do You Have An English Degree? Here Are 4 More Careers You Could Follow

By R S Ali

English is a non-vocational subject, and as such the skills you develop as an English graduate help in making you a well-rounded employee. Here are some more careers you could be following after having an English degree under your belt.

English students are well-practiced and frequently have experience writing for student newspapers and magazines, and this inculcates writing skills, something almost every employee is going to need at some point or the other.

Following our last stint at introducing you English majors to careers you might not have thought of, we follow up with three more careers from Prospects that you could get involved with.

1.You could become a Public Relations (PR) officer

A Public relations (PR) officer job all about managing reputations. As someone following a career in PR, you will need to gain understanding and support for your clients as well as try and influence their opinion and behavior.

PR officers are expected to use all forms of media and communication to build and manage upkeep of the reputation of their clients. These could take on very diverse forms, ranging from public bodies or services to voluntary organizations.

Your role as a PR officer will involve monitoring the publicity of your company and sometimes conducting research to find out concerns and expectations that the company's stakeholders might have.

2. You could be an advertising copywriter

If you have a creative side, this could be just the career for you. This is one of the most interesting and fast-paced jobs you could have as a writer with the added benefit of it being financially lucrative.

Advertising copywriters usually work with an art director within creative departments of an advertising agency or similar. They work with clients to come up with and produce effective advertising campaigns.

The art director's job relates mainly with the visual image of the advertising campaign, while the copywriter's side is the verbal or written 'copy'. Expect to come up with slogans, catchphrases and messages for printed adverts and pamphlets. You may also be involved in writing text for web advertising, content for websites as well as scripts for radio jingles or TV commercials.

3. You could be an academic librarian

This is especially appropriate for people who love books and cannot seem to stop reading. As a librarian, you would have a deep understanding and availability information on a wide range of academic books. As part of your administrative duties, you can expect to manage, organize, evaluate and give out information and provide support to schools, universities or similar. 

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