Mar 03, 2016 12:53 PM EST

4 Things You Can Do As A Holder Of A Classics Degree

By R S Ali

As someone who has a degree in Classics, you can do a lot of things you're your future. Here are a few, courtesy of Prospects.

Many people mistakenly assume that studying the Classics is only for bookworms, or narrows you down in your career field. More people still think that as a student of the Classics, you can get no job. None of it could be further from the truth.

As a student of classic material like literature, history and art, you have managed to do something that is valued in employees: you have worked on your intellectual flexibility analytical thinking skills, something any job would need.

It is also important to remember that most employers today have widened their selection criteria and do not mind hiring graduates from a variety of fields, especially one as versatile as classics.

Here are some job options for you as a graduate of Classic Studies.

1. You can be a Museum/Gallery curator.

A museum or gallery curator is usually expected to manage artefacts or other works of art. You will very likley have responsibilites relating to the acquisition, care and display of items. You may also possibly be asked to inform and educate the public. Sometimes, curators also help out with other activities like public relations, marketing and fundraising.

2. You can be an archivist.

If history is one of your passions, this might be the job for you. An archivist acquires, manages and maintains materials of historical importance. These materials may be books, papers, maps, plans, photographs, prints, films and computer-generated records.

3. You could be a barrister

A Barrister, especially in England and Wales, specializes in advocacy and represents people or companies in court. They independently offer legal advice on cases. They can be hired by solicitors to help with research in cases. A lot of barristers are self-employed, and most countries do have some variations of this job.

4. You could also be a higher education lecturer.

This job involves teaching academic and vocational subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students. They can work in a university or some other colleges. If you are interested, expect to be delivering lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical demonstrations, having field work and dabbling in e-learning. You can also focus on your own research.

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