Apr 08, 2016 08:54 AM EDT

Work Makes You Fat: Overweight Americans - How To Avoid It

By Jane Reed

Millions of Americans have fallen into the pit of obesity with their expanded waistlines. Blame it on the lack of exercise or the sugary beverages. But one thing is now certain, work makes you fat.

About 55% or more than half of the workers in the United States have expressed that they are overweight, according to CBS. About 44% have signified that they have gained weight while working at their current jobs. This data coming from CareerBuilder suggests that these workers are packing on the pounds while sitting on their desks.

"Most people are sitting a lot, not exercising and have a lot of stress at work in terms of performance and productivity pressures. That stress is often associated with increased eating and binge eating," said Goetzel - a senior scientist and director of the Institute for Health and Productivity Studies.

"We're too tired from work to exercise," says one worker. This worker covers a 45% group that said the same thing while 36% blames work-stress for their weight gain.

According to national statistics, 66% of the United States is either overweight or obese. This alarming number continues to climb each year.

How can companies take care of their employees' health? By investing in two minutes everyday. According to a research done by the University of Utah, walking for just two minutes every hour can save lives. The effects of sitting too long can become long-term. Obesity stemming from the work place can easily be avoided.

"Companies tend to understand that encouraging wellness is a good idea," said Goetzel, "but they often don't know how to do it or do it well." Companies should learn to create wellness programs and, Goetzel explains, it should start from the senior corporate leaders. Having their employees engaged in activity and health is crucial to long-term effetiveness, health and productivity.

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