Apr 08, 2016 09:03 AM EDT

South Carolina Bill Says State Doesn’t Want Transgender Bathroom Law

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is adamant in her position that her state has no need of any law allowing transgender bathrooms. Its nearest neighbor, North Carolina, has already been challenged by a mountain of backlash for passing a law that prohibits having such types of bathrooms.

On Wednesday, a lawmaker in South Carolina introduced a bill that would require that school bathrooms and public restrooms in the Palmetto State to be exclusively used corresponding to the gender on a person's birth certificate.

But Gov. Nikki Haley (R) stated on Thursday that there were no complaints that would require that a law such as this is needed.

"I don't believe it's necessary," Haley, told reporters on Thursday. It is believed that she is a potential vice presidential candidate in the coming U.S. elections in November.

Legislators in South Carolina introduced the bill amidst a growing demand for the repeal of a similar law passed last Month in North Carolina.

Laws similar to this bill has already fueled a countrywide debate, with different states fighting on either side of the fence and big companies requesting the government to recall regulations that restrict transgender rights.

If this bill in South Carolina is approved by legislators, it would prevent local governments from forcing private businesses to give restroom access based not on one's anatomical gender, but on the person's gender identity.

"Men should use the men's room, and women should use the women's room - that's just common sense," stated Republican Senator Lee Bright, in an interview with The State newspaper.

"North Carolina is getting so much flak over what is common sense," he added.

On her end, Gov. Haley said: "When I look at South Carolina, we look at our situations, we're not hearing of anybody's religious liberties that are being violated, and we're again not hearing any citizens that feel like they're being violated in terms of freedoms."

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