Apr 14, 2016 09:59 AM EDT

Career Advice For Your Future: What Advisors Tell Students To Do In Preparation

By Jane Reed

Thinking about what major to take in college is a big decision in itself. The choice you make will define the career and profession. Today, graduates from all over the United States are already thinking about what's next for them.

At Stevens Point, spring commencement is just a month away and the students are already deciding their future. USAToday sat down with the career counselors at a high school, college and university to figure out what's the best advice to give for graduates.

Here are tips from career advisors for students who are already thinking of looking for a job:

1. Network

Brigitta Altmann-Austin, director of SPASH's Career Center, said the school's center can assist with job and work experience for high school students. Experiences include job shadows, issuing work permits and apprenticeship opportunities. Building a list of experience is great! Also remember that students as job-hoppers doesn't give much credibility. Whether it's a job at McDonald's or anywhere else, tenure plays a role in getting that starting career.

2. Build up your resume

According to Stevens Point Journal, make a running list of everything you were ever involved in. Joe Pomrening, career services coordinator at Mid-State Technical College, said students need to know the industry they are getting into when they write a resume, and they should always have one prepared. It's also handy to update your LinkedIn page - it's a good place to start. A handy tip for creatives is making a portfolio.

3. Use your resources

Altmann-Austin said high school students should take advantage of the Career Center's offerings like the career interest survey, 1 on 1 meetings for help with college applications, essays and financial aid or scholarship applications. Their job is to put students on the right path. Offices and centers in schools are available to help students with preparing documents like resumes and cover letter, in time for their professional path.

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