Apr 14, 2016 09:53 AM EDT

The Worst Jobs Ever In 2016, Find Out If You Have It

By Jane Reed

You may have heard the stories or you may have done your research when looking for a job. There are worse jobs out there. So if you think your job is bad, there are worse jobs out there for 2016. Career Cast compiled a list of the worst jobs in this year and age.

The list is made up of jobs with income, environment, stress and physical demands as factors. Emotional factors and outlook were also considered. So it shouldn't be a wonder why journalists and disc jockeys are on the list. Forbes was able to gather these professions with their annual median salary and growth outlook.

1. Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper reporting positions top the list due to the gradual decline of print publications, which translates to fewer jobs and shrinking ad revenue. (Annual Median Salary: $37,200, Growth Outlook: -9%)

2. Logger

The dangers and high stress inherent in the logging and lumberjack space reinforces CareerCast's assertion that it is not a great career to pursue. (Annual Median Salary: $35,160, Growth Outlook: -4%)

3. Broadcaster

Due to a shrinking number of positions and the stresses of constantly working in the public eye. (Annual Median Salary: $37,200, Growth Outlook: -9%)

4. Disc Jockey

There are a few good DJs out there and not a lot of them earning much. (Annual Median Salary: $29,010, Growth Outlook: -11%)

5. Enlisted Military Personnel

(Annual Median Salary: $27,936, Growth Outlook: N/A)

6. Pest Control Worker

Consider the hazards of the job. (Annual Median Salary: $30,660, Growth Outlook: -1%)

7. Retail Salesperson

This is a customer facing job and requires a lot of face time. (Annual Median Salary: $21,670, Growth Outlook: 7%)

8. Ad Salesperson

(Annual Median Salary: $47,890, Growth Outlook: -3%)

9. Taxi Driver

The stress of dealing with traffic dangers constantly, low pay and growing competition from services like Uber and Lyft. (Annual Median Salary: $23,210, Growth Outlook: 13%)

10. Firefighter

(Annual Median Salary: $45,970, Growth Outlook: 5%)

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