Apr 14, 2016 09:48 AM EDT

6 Happiness Tips to Boost Your Health and Performance At Work

By Jane Reed

High levels of stress decreases productivity and in turn becomes bad for the health. When a person is stressed he doesn't eat well, he doesn't sleep well and he will not be productive at work. His performance at work will be minimal because his concentration is suffering from lack of sleep or nutrition. It's a vicious cycle. To break that cycle, Entrepreneur has built up 6 happiness tips to boost health and work performance:

1. Practice daily gratitude

A recent NCBI study has confirmed that positivity is key. Expressing gratitude at work brings people together and make everyone happier. You can start with making a habit of having each member of the team say what someone else had done to help them that day. Practicing this habit means you're recognizing the good things that happen in your life.

2. Spend time on relationships

Happy people means having happy relationships with other people. Everyone needs to invest a portion of their time on building relationships with family and friends. Catch up with your old buddies or have a night off with your family or partner. Building personal relationships makes a positive impact at work.

3. Buy experiences not possessions

Research shows that spending our hard-earned money on experiences can increase our long-term happiness. This means letting go of "retail therapy" and focusing on adding activities that add fun to your life.

4. Volunteer your time or money

Helping other people can do wonders for the soul and also improve your happiness level. Entrepreneur describes this tip as an essential one because you'll be amazed how little time and money it takes to make a difference that you can really feel good about.

5. Exercise equals endorphins

Release those happy hormones by doing something physical. Have a run with a friend or hike with family. Just remember to keep active and exercise as these improve happiness.

6. Engage deeply with life

Nowadays, it's easy to get distracted. Research tells us that distractions distract us from our own happiness. Make sure to connect with things that matter. Appreciate your dog smiling or when your child learns how to tie his own shoes. Priceless moments like these reminds us to be mindful and present.

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