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Planning: The Key to a Successful Job Search

Starting a job-hunting journey requires a lot of processes: making resumes, writing application letters, researching companies, and others. However, one key factor that has been proven to be successful in job hunting is planning.

Looking for a job does not simply mean you go from one office to another or apply in several companies in one day and then wait for responses. There is more to it than just that, and one needs to have a laid-put plan of action even before beginning the journey.

According to an article published in Holland Sentinel, "if you are searching for a 40 hour per week job, you should try to spend that same amount of time job searching.... But, the more strategies you employ in your job search plan, the more likely you will receive job offers sooner rather than later."

The following are some tips you need to include in your planning stage:

1.    Know what kind of company you are looking for. Decide on the kind of industry you want to work in. If you want to explore several industries, then keep a tab for each industry.

2.    Keep a list of the companies you would want to apply to. If possible, rank these companies according to your preference. Do this for all the companies in your different chosen industries. Also, note what kind of position you want in each company.

3.    Update your application statuses. Keep in handy the contact information for each company you have sent your applications to. Information such as contact numbers, e-mail, contact person, and other details might come in handy in the future. Keep a record of when you sent your application and where you found the posting.

4.    Schedule your follow-ups. There are companies that are not able to get back to you as soon as you want - or they want - to. Set a period of waiting and then do some follow-up calls or e-mails once you have passed that waiting period.

5.    Make use of you waiting time. Once all applications have been sent, use your spare time to prepare yourself. Research on possible job questions and how to answer them, what to avoid during interviews, and so on and so forth. It might also be helpful if you connect with former classmates or colleagues and ask for some tips.

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