Apr 30, 2016 02:31 AM EDT

'Hunter X Hunter' Chapter 352 News and Updates: Hisoka Dies to Bring Series to New Heights, Creator Wants More Gold and Glory?

The latest "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 352 news and updates notes Hisoka dying in order to bring in a new edge and angle to the series and usher in new heights. Notions of the creators wanting more gold and glory escalate as well.

A post from The Christian Times states: "Those who are following the 'Hunter X Hunter' manga issue in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will have to wait for another week as the popular manga series is currently on break and the upcoming chapter of the series, which will involve the thrilling fight between two of the most fearsome characters in the 'Hunter X Hunter' universe."

However, the much-anticipated fight will not be available on April 28; even the possibility of Hisoka generating more future revenues is at risk, given the fact that he is forecast to die soon.

To recap, the previous issue of "Hunter X Hunter" featured the much-anticipated face-off of two of the most powerful hunters in the world. The duel is between the terrifying leader of the Spider group, Chrollo Lucifer, and another fearsome hunter and former member of Spider, Hisoka.

It stands out that that the time is ripe for the fans and followers to see Hisoka's downfall. Although he has played a vital part in Gon's development as a hunter, death is always inevitable in "Hunter X Hunter."

Additional reports from Jobs & Hire have already instigated how the series have gone on a two-year hiatus, and it has at some point crippled the sales and revenues of the series which is why the comeback and forthcoming episodes are crucial for "Hunter X Hunter" and the need to fill the void of sales.

It remains uncertain on how "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 352 would fare. Would it end Hisoka's life once and for all? Also, with the theories surrounding the series and how it aims to bring in new heights, the one related to the search for more gold and glory by the creators remain unsettled.

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