May 03, 2016 04:16 AM EDT

Game of Thrones: Why Jon Snow Should Have Stayed Dead

Sunday night's Game of Thrones didn't surprise everybody that much when Jon Snow opened his eyes. He is supposed to be dead already.

But Snow took several deep quivering breaths, and did what most viewers of the TV series expected he would do - he came back to life. By this deed, Snow made Westeros, a bit more secure, making it a possible line of defense from the slow advancing White Walkers.

But is Snow's coming back from the dead the best that could happen to Westeros and its citizens, and for the viewers of Game of Thrones?

This makes everything a bit safer, isn't it? The TV series broke from the tradition by upending narrative conventions, and not just showing brutality for brutality's sake. This made George R.R. Martin's books and the TV series from HBO a cut above the rest.

Some critics believe that he should have stayed dead since if Snow died and have stayed that way, the mutiny at Castle Black would have been more of a resonant moment in the likes of episodes like "The Reins of Castamere," and "Baelor."

But as it is, Snow coming alive again; have considerably changed the narrative stakes of the HBO series that made it a much softer and safer story.

But is the resurrected Snow the same as his former self? Another film review ventured a guest that he might not be the same as his usual self, even suggesting that he came back wrong. Snow's return might be similar, the review said, to the return of Beric Dondarrion, who had been resurrected six times by the Red Priest Thoros of Myr.

In the original book "A Storm of Swords," where the HBO series was based on, it is very clear that Beric after his resurrection was not what he once was. He said in his half-living existence that he faintly remembers what he was before and the events he experienced in his former life.

Could this be the same thing that will happen to the resurrected Jon Snow?

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