May 05, 2016 07:27 AM EDT

Game of Thrones: Three Important Career Lessons

Game of Thrones (GoT) is one of the most-loved and anticipated series produced by HBO. However, the TV show is just more than what it is as it offers three career lessons to anyone who is struggling to make a name in his or her chosen field.

Be Comfortable with Unlikely Alliances

You can see the unlikely alliance shared between Arya and Hound. All of the GoT fans know how their partnership ended; however, if one would look at way past that, one can see that Arya and Hound both managed to work together and achieving remarkable results.

This is the same in the workplace. One gets to meet people they are not so comfortable working with; however, you need to work with them professionally. Being able to work with different people is a skill itself, and not everyone is gifted with it naturally. For others, they need to work hard in order to develop it.

Don't Celebrate Before it is Over

See how Red Viper worked hard for his revenge on The Mountain? That should be how people looking for a job should work. "Success is a marathon, not a sprint. The key to winning a marathon is to keep calm and focused all the way through the finish line," reports LookSharp.

Thus, when job seeking, do not attempt to foresee the future and decide for the employee. Wait for the official announcement or communication before you celebrate. You might end up being disappointed.

Your Reputation Matters

Lannisters pay their debts; that's a given fact. It is something the family is proud of. It is an image the family has spent years in building and maintaining.

That's the same with one's career.

Try your best to build the right professional reputation. This is as simple as committing to deadlines, coming to office on time, communicating with professionalism, and treating others with the kind of respect you would want them to extend to you.

Work hard and be known as the employee who "always delivers on what they promise," just like the Lannisters.

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