May 06, 2016 04:14 AM EDT

Best Life Hacks On Improving Your Workday Morning Routine

Oftentimes, we rush on through our morning routine without knowing how much it affects us throughout the regular work day. According to Motto, what we do during the first few hours of our day can make a huge difference on our happiness, productivity levels, and overall health.

One important habit that can help boost productivity levels is exercising. Deliberately choosing to do it in the morning can vastly improve one's day.

"I have more energy on the days when I work out in the mornings, rather than in the evenings," Dr. James Ting, a board-certified sports medicine physician in California, said. He noted that morning exercise can also reduce stress and food cravings while increasing one's energy levels.

Don't only eat breakfast; enjoy it. Dietitian Georgie Fear revealed how sitting down to chow down your first meal can help you start your work day right.

"You'll eat more slowly, which gives you a better chance to sense when you're satisfied to prevent overeating," she said. "It also helps prevent starting your day off in a stressful hurry. Taking time to put your butt in a chair is impactful. It means that you're making yourself a priority."

Also, stop hitting that snooze button. Set your alarm to a more realistic wake-up time for your body instead.

Waking up, hitting snooze and going back to sleep actually tricks your mind into going to another sleep cycle. What's better is getting right up after the first alarm since this will actually make you feel more rested.

Bustle also recommended making sure that you hydrate yourself. Being dehydrated will bring you to a bad mood as well as make you feel confused and tired.

The publication noted that setting aside time in the morning to sit quietly and collect your thoughts is essential. Meditating can give your body energy-boosting endorphins that will help you throughout the day.

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