May 05, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Understanding Millennials In The Workplace

There have been a lot of complaints over Millennials. Despite being deemed as impatient and entitled, with the easy access to tools and resources, it is undeniable that these young workers are skilled and talented.

Millennials will also soon be taking over the corporate world, according to the Portland Press Herald. So, how do you get them to work for you?

It is important to accept and embrace the fact that things would be different with Millennials in the workplace. In his article with Adweek, Scott Hess shared four tips about how business owners can understand these young workers and capture their loyalty.

First, Millennials see their work and life as one seamless whole. Unlike before where work is work and play is play, today's young people see life as a journey in finding purpose and at the same time money.

Second, understand that these young employees have a close-knit relationship with their parents. Hess recounted about how he and his agency had a "Parents' Day" in lieu of a "Bring Your Kids to Work Day."

While this may seem as a step backwards in terms of growing up, the author revealed that this actually led to more engagement from his office's Millennial workforce. The half-day program comprised of media agency basics, a parenting panel and a job shadowing segment.

Third, don't be afraid to help them advertise their skills to other potential employers. Hess noted that contrary to traditional practice, it is no longer practical to think that Millennials will be staying with your company for the long-term.

Help them by explicitly explaining to them how their current job responsibilities are gaining them new skills. This will also be an advantage for you as a forward-thinking manager and employer.

Fourth, be patient with Millennials. Gone are the days of unwritten codes of how to conduct one's self in the workplace.

"Today's young employees likely enter the workplace without a monolithic notion of how things are supposed to be," Hess wrote. "Rules and customs around social media and personal phone calls and meals aren't ironclad; they vary from company to company and job to job."

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