May 11, 2016 08:46 AM EDT

Sleeping At Work? Employees Lacking Sleep May Ruin The Business: Find Out What Sleep Deprivation Can Do

By Jane Reed

Some companies are known to care for their employees' health. Their wellness programs include, not only health discussions, medical benefits, but also sleep. JobsNHire previously reported that companies like Google, Zappos, Ben & Jerry's lets their employees nap.

However, sleep is a privilege that most Americans, for some reason, do not receive. Most employees are not getting the right amount of sleep. In return, they are constantly exhausted and are unable to perform their optimum levels at work.

Recently, professionals are not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night. Most of them are forced to function on five hours or less, according to Base Line Mag. Career Builder has created a recent survey that determines what happens to workers that function on sleep depravity.

According to Rosemary Haefner, Chief HR Officer at Career Builder, "Rest is an undervalued necessity these days." Which is why the organization suffers based on decline in performance, motivation, productivity and increase in absenteeism. Below are the results founded upon more than 3,250 American employees, conducted by Harris Poll.

- 58% from the 3,250 employees surveyed, said they don't get enough sleep.

- 61% said sleep deprivation has a negative impact at work

- 27% are less motivated when they lack sleep

- While 24% said they're less productive

- 17% found that their memory at work is affected

- 30% experienced their days are growing slower

- 13% reported that they're cranky towards other people at work

- Another 13% noted that they complete their tasks longer than usual

- A different 13% described work mistakes as being caused by lack of sleep

- 16% mentioned that they get 8 hours of sleep while 21% get 5 hours or less

- Unfortunately, 44% couldn't sleep because they keep thinking about work at night

- Absenteeism at work gets hit too with 21% saying they called in sick to get some extra Zzzs.

- Forcing themselves to work meant that 43% have been caught napping.

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