May 17, 2016 04:36 AM EDT

Working In SpaceX: Interview Questions You Need To Know To Get Hired

By Jane Reed

So you want to work in SpaceX? Trying to get hired by a company like Space Exploration Technologies can be overwhelming but it's helpful to be prepared.

Thankfully, there are current employees and previous candidates who tried to go for various positions in SpaceX. Working in SpaceX is something these people want to do, from interns to engineers, developers to designers. Space Exploration Technologies employs between a thousand to five thousand employees. This private company accumulates a total revenue of up to $2 Billion per year. Dedicated towards aerospace and defense technologies, SpaceX employs intellectual and hard-working minds from all over the globe.

If you're thinking of working in SpaceX, expect to work with the some of the world's brightest individuals. You will be exposed to the most leading and cutting edge technology and your role is as important as everyone else's in shaping the future of human kind. According to Glassdoor, here are some questions you may experience when getting interviewed if you're keen to be working in SpaceX:

1. Why are you interested in working at SpaceX?

2. How well do you handle stress, long hours, and juggling multiple tasks?

3. What makes you unique, a rock-star?

4. Some may get specific like: What are the design considerations for a power supply input filter for a satellite application?

5. Some are conversational: Tell me about the past project you have worked on.

6. Some were required to take a final technical interview with a senior.

7. The next steps may also include a project with a due date, depending on the role you're intersted in.

8. Others try to challenge you: There are all kinds of data structures out there, like arrays and heaps. Why can't there just be one that does it all?

9. Or maybe some just want answers to their problems: How do you reverse a stack, using only the pop and push methods?

At the end of the day, be sure to be passionate and honest. Be prepared to talk about your experiences in detail. Some will include structural and technical questions, but that's to be expected if you're keen to be working in SpaceX.

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