May 27, 2016 02:58 AM EDT

Must-Have Leadership Skills For Bosses

Leadership is both a privilege and a challenge. It will ultimately give you a chance to not only grow further in your career but to help others as well.

Forbes shared the soft skills that leaders should have. These are the skills that range from being able to explain and relay complex topics to empathy for your new employees.

Leaders need business focus. Today's fast-paced world needs leaders who can focus on new technology and find innovative ways on how that technology can provide solutions to real business problems.

Second, a good leader should make sure that his or her team clearly understands the message. Give them an insight on the context through effective communication.

According to Entrepreneur, communication is a necessary skill for all jobs. This is especially important for future leaders. They need to know how to express themselves clearly and listen to others well.

Communication should be proactive and efficient. "Make sure everyone understands what you say and that what you say is what you mean," Robert Smith of stated.

Being able to find the right people for the job and motivate them towards the business' goals is important as well. Motivation can be increased by giving your team members the allowance to tackle projects on their own and by providing a solid career growth plan.

"Leading is about change and influencing others to change," Tim Young of RSG wrote. "Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes an influential leader to chart the course toward real change."

Moreover, leaders need to be able to talk to people from all ranks. Whether they are talking to stakeholders, clients, managers, business partners and individual contributors, managers should develop the skill on how to accurately relay a message to others.

Another important leadership skill that bosses need to develop is humility. Just because you're on top of the corporate ladder doesn't mean that you are better than your subordinates. Listen to the feedback of your team members and work towards your common goals.

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