May 23, 2016 04:17 AM EDT

Job Boards: How To Maximize Their Use

Job boards can be used for so much more than merely submitting resumes. These are tools available to help you build a better CV and find career opportunities.

U.S. News reported that CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson explained the role of job boards in today's modern world. CareerBuilder aims "to help people find jobs today" by providing them with data and insights about the skills and jobs of the future.

"What we hear from consumers consistently is that the Internet is a black hole and that they don't get a lot of information back," he said. "So what we are trying to do is get them information on who is looking at their resume, and in what context are they looking at their resume so they have some sense of what is going on."

Job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed are usually used as the first part of a company's talent acquisition and candidate searching process. The publication noted other functions for job boards that can help you with your career.

1. Find relevant jobs. Job boards are commonly used to look for career opportunities.

2. Know about salary ranges. This can give you a realistic expectation of how a given job is likely to pay.

3. Check the job description and requirements. Employers usually provide a list of the skills needed for the role that they're searching for. Use this knowledge to tailor your resume for better chances of being shortlisted. For career changers, this can help you determine the skills gap between what you have and what business owners need.

4. Discover interested companies. Job boards have a feature that allows users to find out who have been looking at their profiles. This would definitely help you in your career

5. Learn what people like in your resume. Some job boards will soon offer the feature that allows users to see what keywords lead to your resume. This is valuable information in terms of knowing what achievements you want to highlight.

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