May 29, 2016 09:46 PM EDT

'No Man's Sky' News, Update: Release Date Branded As Complete Hoax; Time Is Running Out For Sean Murray?

It appears that "No Man's Sky" release date and persistent delays have caused much uncertainty for the gaming industry and for its enthusiasts. Recent news and updates regarding "No Man's Sky" and its release date have been branded as a complete hoax owing to the constant changing of dates. Also, notions of time running out for Sean Murray arise.

This week it was confirmed by Hello Games that "No Man's Sky" had been delayed from its upcoming June release date, and would now be out in August instead and it's a pretty standard type of delay, and one made more understandable by the massive scope of a game like "No Man's Sky", where players can explore any number of a practically infinite number of planets, reports Forbes.

The dismay of the fans has even led to death threats and that reaction is a clear indication that it is beyond normal. It is clear that "No Man's Sky" has received much scrutiny but at the same time high expectations. To prove the latter, a former post from Jobs & Hire has relayed that "No Man's Sky" has finally been affirmed to arrive and hit the stalls and the much-anticipated No Man's Sky' will become a powerhouse of profits and sales for the company.

However, the main the main problem now is its release date and until full affirmation is relayed, dismay and issues can further arise, as further noted by the same post.

If "No Man's Sky" continues to change its release date, it is expected that the notion of the release date being a hoax be realized. Also, it remains uncertain on whether time is running out for Sean Murray to ensure that the game arrives on time.

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