May 31, 2016 04:17 AM EDT

Millennials In The WorkPlace: Financial Advice And Investments

By Jane Reed

Economists are saying that the recession is officially over and that the United States is starting to recover. However, Americans are still feeling some of its effects. When their savings and pensions have disappeared, there is nothing else for these people to look forward to except to look for work and save up some more.

Some Americans have loans to pay and retirement is far off from their list. SCPR has it that the recession has also impacted millennials. These millennials are now forced to manage their financials.

Take for instance one millennial, named Austin Prater. He saw how his parents went through the recession and how it changed the way he thinks about money and finance. He took out life insurance families for himself so his family won't worry about him if something happens to him. "My parents had a pretty steady working life, but when the crisis hit my mom took a second full-time job," he says.

He saw how the money just went out the window. Which is why Jude Boudreaux, a financial planner at Upperline Financial, in New Orleans, says that Millennials should invest on themselves. Young professionals can start early when it comes to cash flow, savings and retirement. Although, in theory, younger people have more risk when it comes to investments, Boudreaux says there's potential return if they're comfortable with their investments.

The gig economy is continuing to expand and Millennials are trying to make financial decisions through investments and planning. These young professionals get to sleep well at night because they are learning not to depend on their savings and they are taking in financial advice for their future and financial investments.

"Just because there's more potential return, if I'm going to get so much anxiety [that] I'm not going to be able to sleep at night ... that's a bad investment for me," says Boudreaux.

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