May 31, 2016 04:18 AM EDT

Working In SpaceX: Military Launches And Ambitious Goals

By Jane Reed

Working in SpaceX means aspiring for the future of the Earth. That often means looking outside the world and thinking - for some - about how to make Mars a place to live in.

For some, goals are also aligned with the world's first line of defense. Space Exploration Technologies is not a stranger to the United States' Department of Defense. The DoD is pushing SpaceX to continue its progress after the recent string of successes by the private company. According to the Daily Kos, SpaceX has been working round the clock to make sure the Falcon 9 lives up to its expectations. And that includes keeping up with the demand, goals and expectations of the country itself. However, if they push SpaceX too much, then it's a huge risk to take.

Working in SpaceX means working alongside military launches as well. It has competition across the oceans and financially, too. Elon Musk once said that his main reason for starting SpaceX was to extend life beyond Earth. SpaceX planners have actually been developing and following a realistic, concrete plan and the first amazing steps in that effort may begin much sooner than anyone expected. The Red Dragon, is an example of that.

SpaceX plans on landing capsules to future colony sites. The future hopes to see people in Mars but that doesn't mean that they will set aside working with the military. SpaceX's primary concern isn't resolving military spy satellites. There will be clearances from the government involved and the aerospace industry may be looking at some hurdles. Working in SpaceX isn't all about space rockets and drones alone. Its main goal goes hand in hand, in some ways, with the country's (or the world's) advantage towards the preservation of life.

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