Jun 01, 2016 02:31 AM EDT

Email Tools That Can Save Your Personal Life

By Jane Reed

Corporate emails are the kind of emails that keep professionals up at night. Most Americans who use emails as a standard form of communication are often plagued by on-call emails and sleepless night replies.

Which is why it's handy for professionals to take advantage of the five tools that can help keep work email from taking over personal time, family time and even your whole life. Entrepreneur has it that thanks to these tools, they can prevent stress from impeding productivity.

1. Inbox Pause sounds like what it is. It pauses emails. There's a pause button that sends emails to go into a label until they are ready to be read, and the sender will get a message that their note won't arrive in the recipient's inbox. Like a written "voice message."

2. Mailstrom allows users to decide when they want to read incoming mail. It has an expire option for

notes from specific senders to stay in an inbox.

3. SaneBox is a paid service that creates a snooze folder for non-urgent mail

4. Unroll.me hates spam and newsletters that mysteriously have your name and contact information. The tool organizes your subscriptions in one message to make it easier to organize your inbox, or you can simply banish the unwanted ones altogether.

5. Cold Turkey and Freedom lets you go on vacation in peace. And if the user is tempted to check emails, this tool stops them from doing so. An email black out is an option for those who want to enjoy their time off without email pings and notifications.

These are some easy tools for users to download on their mobile phones and work devices. But the best thing sometimes, is just to shut your phone off and be off the internet radar until you come back from vacation.

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