Jun 06, 2016 10:16 PM EDT

How To Be An Exceptional Leader

There are some bosses who are good, while some are bad. The ability to lead is not just based on expertise on the technical side of the job, an exceptional leader also needs emotional intelligence to be able to handle the team well.

According to Industry Leaders, the best bosses are those who help you to reach the goal and give credit where credit is due once you are able to achieve it. They encourage growth in each of their team members through mentorship and promote work-life balance.

Inc. also shared seven traits that exceptional leaders have. These traits are a sign of emotional intelligence that every boss needs.

1. Leaders should be genuine and authentic. Everyone has a tendency to put on a mask while in the office. As a boss, promote an open working environment that is filled with excellence, integrity and emotional honesty.

2. Leaders accept the fact that they are human and prone to errors. Be ready to admit your mistakes and learn to laugh at yourself.

3. Leaders ougth to be courageous enough to address conflict. Don't brush issues off and create distance since it will only cause more trouble. Talk to your team members and resolve a problem with respect and integrity.

4. Leaders speak the truth. Don't sugarcoat. People know when you're withholding something from them. Speak clearly and honestly to everyone.

5. Leaders want to know more. The best bosses are those who continue to learn and improve themselves so that they can impart that knowledge to their team members.

6. Leaders are understanding listeners. They are effective communicators who know that listening is a skill that is needed for conflict resolution. Those who truly listen are careful not to talk over someone's point.

7. Leaders can be approached especially during times of crisis. They don't hide behind closed doors and wait until the heat dies down. They are able to provide clear information, expectations as well as a status of what's really going on.

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