Jun 20, 2016 10:25 AM EDT

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 48 Review: Future Trunks Attacks Present Goku

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 48 aired on Sunday in Japan. This week's installment is entitled "Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present!"

It was previously reported that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 47 marked the beginning of the Future Trunks saga. Black Goku was also introduced as the new villain and he has already killed off Future Bulma and Future Mai.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 48 opened with Black Goku and Future Trunks, who powered up to his Super Saiyan form, fighting. As they battled, the new villain revealed that he wants to put an end to the Saiyan race.

The publication noted that Black Goku's threat may be because he is not a real Saiyan. Otherwise, he would not want to destroy his own race. There is also the possibility that he wants to become the only Saiyan in the universe, though.

"While I don't think Nozawa-san knows it yet, you can feel in your bones just how evil Black is... it's incredible," Trunks voice actor Takeshi Kusao said about Black Goku. "From your very first look at him, he's just bad to the bone. I'll only say one thing about the end of the new chapter's first episode, but this should say it all: it's enough to make you go 'there's no way they can win...'"

Future Trunks was able to escape Black Goku just in time. He also threatened to come after Future Trunks. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 48 featured the arrival of Bulma's son to the present.

Future Trunks and Kid Trunks meet. The younger version of the character freaked out since he had no idea about what his future self is doing in the present.

Whis, Beerus, Goku and Vegeta came back to Earth. Future Trunks saw Goku and attacked him, thinking that he was Black Goku. The Super Saiyan was able to block his punch.

Movie News Guide reported that the "Dragon Ball Super" series may have up to 100 episodes or more. There were speculations that the show will only have until 72 episodes.

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