Jun 27, 2016 10:42 AM EDT

Shark Week 2016: ‘Megalodon’ Not On Discovery Channel This Time

By Jane Reed

Every year, every one looks forward to Shark Week 2016. Particularly, the most awaited show - Megalodon. However, there is a surprise this year that shocked Shark Week fans from all over.

Discovery Channel will not be showing Megalodon during Shark Week 2016. In August 2013, the Discovery Channel opened its annual Shark Week series with Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives, a controversial docu-fiction about the creature that was shown on television with made-up evidences in order to suggest that the biggest shark specie of all time was still alive. The fictional television program received criticism for being completely fictional and fake. The show received shots because all of the supposed "scientists" depicted were paid actors. It was supposed to be fictional but it was entirely believable for many.

According to IB Times, Shark Week will not be airing any more fictional shows. The Discovery Channel hopes to bring its television programming back on track so it has sworn off docu-fictional series such as Megalodon.

The Shark Week lineup has received massive shots regarding the show. Discovery Channel President Rich Ross told Entertainment Weekly that he didn't think the Megalodon specials were the right fit for Shark Week. "It's that I think in some ways has run its course... They've done very well, many of them, but it's not something that's right for us," he explained.

Although Megalodon is not part of the line up anymore, Discovery Channel still has a ton of things in mind for Shark Week 2016. Shark Week officially kicks off Sunday evening and fans will be treated to shows such as "The Return of Monster Mako," and "Isle of Jaws."

Some may find it difficult to digest as they look forward to the hype of Megalodon every year but Discovery Channel promises it will be better this year. Get ready for Shark Week 2016.

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