Jun 29, 2016 10:13 AM EDT

'One Piece' Manga Chapter 831 Spoilers: Sanji To Finally Be Rescued From Big Mam?

"One Piece" manga chapter 831 may see the rescue of Sanji from Big Mam. It may also reveal more details on the Straw Hat Pirate's life.

According to Christian Times, there are speculations that Luffy and the rest of the crew will be able to rescue Sanji from Big Mam in the upcoming "One Piece" manga chapter 831. Previously, it was revealed that the Straw Hats have already ventured into Big Mam's Cake Island to save their co-pirate from a forced wedding ceremony.

Apparently, Big Mam wants her daughter Purin to marry Sanji. Luffy, on the other hand, is said to do everything to stop the Yonkou's crazy idea.

The publication noted that "One Piece" manga chapter 831 will be published in Weekly Shonen Jump on Jun. 27. It will continue from the Cake Island Arc.

Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates may face off against Big Mam's crew and Germa 66, who want Sanji to complete the Vinsmokes' deal. The only way the deal will happen is if he marries Purin.

In chapter 830, the Straw Hats have finally crossed paths with Big Mam's daughter. Fortunately, Purin only knew about their identities afterwards. There are speculations that Purin is plotting something against Sanji's teammates to ensure her wedding to Sanji.

GamenGuide reported that "One Piece" manga chapter 831 would definitely show the pirates' close bond as well as a different angle of their friendship. Fans are also hoping to get more details on Sanji's life in the upcoming installment.

HOF Mag noted that a lot of people may be killed, even innocent residents. A big battle is expected to commence in "One Piece" manga chapter 831.

Moreover, Big Mam may leave the fight to the Vinsmokes. Pedro, who volunteered to obtain the poneglyphs, could be caught red-handed by Charlotte Linlin and Big Mam. He may be taken hostage afterwards.

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