Jul 01, 2016 05:26 AM EDT

7 Traits That Every Leader Should Have To Build Trust In A Team

Leadership requires more than expertise in technical skills. One also needs emotional intelligence to be able to lead a team well.

According to The Wall Street Journal, businesses today have more than just a crisis of ethics. It's a crisis of trust. It does not mean that if you market your brand as moral, honest and fair that people will automatically trust you.

Most-trusted companies have higher revenue and profitability. They also have lower employee turnover rates. Inc. shared seven traits that can help leaders build up the trust in their team.

1. Be patient. As tempting as it is to achieve your company's goals as quickly as possible, you may be creating an uncomfortable environment for your employees. Remember, too much pressure can knock down team morale and make them feel worthless.

2. Be calm. There will be emotionally challenging moments that every leader must face. Maintain your composure and show your team that you've got this.

3. Be transparent. Talk to your team about decisions that you made and will make. Serve as a role model. The more you show how confident you are with your strengths and areas of improvement, the more your team members will reciprocate.

4. Be open. Encourage your workers to express their thoughts and opinions. Teach them to respect and listen to each other. You will never see all angles of a situation -- communicating with your team can help you see areas that you were not able to spot.

5. Be flexible. This can help build trust in your team by making it feel like a second home where their coworkers are their family and they can feel at ease. Leaders can start with flexible work hours, remote work days or offer them negotiable deadlines on certain projects.

6. Be honest. Give your employees constructive feedback. This will show that you are truly interested in their development. In the same way, listen sincerely when they give you feedback as well and set to work on improving yourself.

7. Be engaged. Active team engagement is one of the keys to building team trust. Have lunch or chill together after work hours. Encourage your team to get to know each other on a personal level.

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