Jul 05, 2016 10:59 PM EDT

Theo James Goes ‘James Bond’ Leaving Ruth Kearney For ‘Divergent’ Co-Star And New Spy Career

By Jane Reed

In certain lingo, going 'James Bond' means he is bad-ass. And speculations around the industry are saying that is what Theo James is doing right now.

Rumored to be the next 'James Bond', Theo James might just be pulling a page out of the smooth Agent 007 hand book and leaving Ruth Kearney for a Divergent co-star. The two were reportedly set to be married but wedding plans have been stalled. Other reports indicated that the delay in the wedding plans could be stemming from the fact that he is trying to wrap up his role as the next youthful Agent 007.

However, reports have indicated that his spare time was meant to spend more time with Divergent actress Shailene Woodley. Is Theo James hitting the pause button on marriage and focusing on his career (or aspects of it) instead?

The couple has not set a wedding date as of yet but it was cited that Woodley and James did have some intimate and close moments during his career as Tobias or Four in the Divergent series. Though the rumors have not been confirmed or denied, the fans are most likely looking at James focusing on pursuing the James Bond role more than his marriage with Kearney. Theo James, alongside Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba have been shortlisted to play the epic spy.

Theo James and Ruth Kearney have put their wedding on hold because the actor is confident of getting role of the epic spy.

A big role like this could definitely put an edge in James' career and he will be involved in a new series of adaptations of Ian Fleming's spy. If it will be confirmed that James will take the role as the next Bond, then he will be a younger version of the spy. Taking on this British icon will also mean that he will not have the time on pursuing other things and might put a dent in their wedding plans.

In the meantime, James is also currently working on War On Everyone and Underworld: The Next Generation. Do you think Theo James will be the next James Bond?

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