Jul 05, 2016 10:59 PM EDT

’WarCraft 2’: Movie Sequel ‘Tides Of Darkness’: Second War On The Way

By Jane Reed

Director Duncan Jones has been landing a lot of fantasy and sci-fi movies. But on the top of his list is WarCraft 2, a movie sequel titled Tides of Darkness.

Will a second war be on the way? Fans of the WarCraft franchise knows what is next when it comes to the games and platform. However, its global release has been disappointing for the franchise. But it has been such a success in China that the team behind the film is still planning to pursue the trilogy, starting with WarCraft 2's sequel titled Tides of Darkness.

The producers behind the first WarCraft movie is supporting Duncan Jones in his career venture. When it comes to the possibility of a second run, it is already an official case. But according to reports, it is yet unsure where the story will jump off. Will the second movie be focusing on the second war?

Duncan Jones has a lot of source material to choose from and the war has been going on for thousands of years. He can choose from WarCraft books like the Rise of the Horde or possibly focus on other characters that have not yet been introduced in the first movie. He can also choose from Aaron Rosenberg's novel where Lothar arrives in Lordareon.

Writer Chuck Leavitt wrote the first movie. He zoned in on Durotan's "human side" instead of focusing on a war of the orcs versus the humans.

In the last few scenes of WarCraft 1, King Llane's death was the focus of the story and his kingdom will avenge his death. The second war will most likely focus on hunting the surviving armies of Azeroth.

Duncan Jones has his eyes set on revealing the night elves and more characters which means fans will be looking at a host of actors joining the league in WarCraft 2's sequel: Tides of Darkness.

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