Jul 09, 2016 12:14 PM EDT

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Menu Expanded: McGriddle, McMuffin Available!

By Jane Reed

The fast food giant has been trying to get back into the breakfast game. For the past year, it has been revitalizing its menu items. Now, McDonald's All Day Breakfast menu expands its selection to include biscuits, McMuffin and McGriddle sandwiches starting September.

Right now, McDonald's locations nationwide serve biscuit sandwiches or McMuffins during all-day breakfast. But the chain has allowed to swap to a national breakfast menu that will hold both sandwiches and the McGriddle.

According to CNBC, McDonald's All Day Breakfast Menu has increased sales growth in its stores for two quarters, straight. The company has since then promised that it would push further.

Kevin Ozan, the Chief Financial Officer of McDonald's says that "All-day breakfast has been, clearly, a very strong catalyst for momentum." It has exceeded expectations and customer satisfaction has also improved by 6%. The current success can be attributed to the changes made in its menu. In addition, the McPick 2 has also boosted the fast food giant's performance. The McPick 2 allows customers to pick two items for $5.

McDonald's has been consistently trying to test out new menu items and promotions since January of this year. Last year, they have already made sure their ingredients are sourced properly and that the taste is not compromised. This year, they have tried their hand on garlic fries, bratwursts and varying sizes of Big Macs.

McDonald's All Day Breakfast menu has shown the fast food industry that they can overcome difficult obstacles. With this, the Golden Arches hope to improve further and better their customer satisfaction ratings with the promise that they would not rest on their laurels.

The company is looking at a year with a better forecast, using the All Day Breakfast as a platform for success. Do you think the fast food chain will do better this year?

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